Crafters Group Imports & exports

Welcome. We are specialized in import and export.

We are a family company dedicated to international trade, especially focusing on the export of food products around the world.

We work in partnership as direct exporters of producers and mandatories (without intermediaries), in continuous search for new markets openings.

We have sales representatives in Argentina and Spain, and Joint ventures in Poland, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Our main markets are USA, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Kazakhstan and Russia.

MDQ AR +54 223 476 0337 MAD ES +34 666 430 725

Crafters Importaciones y Exportaciones S.A.

Crafters Group Argentina: Phone: +54 223 476 0337 C/Bolivar, 3259 P 12 "C". (7600) Mar del Plata - Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Crafters Group España: Phone: +34 666 430 725 C/Andres de Urdaneta, 10, 3ro A. (28045) Madrid - Madrid (España)

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    We got to where you need.

    Our business focuses on reducing distances between producer and consumer.

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    From point "A" to point "B".

    If you are a manufacturer, we help you expand. If you need a product, we can transport it from its origin.

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    Transparency is essential to establish a trust relationship.

    We invite you to know who we are and how we work.